Day Three – Gather Your Supplies              1/2/2018

2 Timothy 4:13,21  (NIV84)
13 When you come, bring the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas, and my scrolls, especially the parchments. 21 Do your best to get here before winter.

What do you need for a journey you have never taken?

To accomplish any journey of 21 days, what do you need to bring along? In order to fast for 21 days, you need to gather some supplies. Notice Paul needed both clothing for the outer man and scrolls (books) and parchments (paper for writing). He was looking after the outer man and the inner man. The spirit and the flesh. He was setting himself up for the future. The truth is, Paul was writing the last epistle we would ever have with his name on it. His instruction to “get here before winter” was important because Timothy would never see him again on earth if he didn’t heed this instruction.

On your journey, it is important to have comrades who have taken the journey ahead of you. There are too many pitfalls in life which can derail you if you don’t have a guide. Someone has gone ahead of you and they know the way. Timothy had Paul who could point out to him the challenges of the journey ahead as a minister of the gospel. Paul knew the road which would lay ahead.

When Jeremy and I decided on our journey to Alaska in 2016, I began to do a lot of reading and planning, researching the route and gathering what we would need.  In making this choice we were looking for milestones we have never seen before. I ordered 3 books on Adventure bikes (motorcycles) to determine what iron steed would make the journey. I read blogs, articles, and anything I could find about the experiences on the road, having never ridden more than 15 hours on a motorcycle myself. Now, I was going to live on the back of one and take my son on the trip as well. We determined we would load all of our camping equipment on two bikes and make the ride, only stopping at hotels if necessary.

One of the most important books we purchased was called simply, “The Milepost.” It is a colorful magazine/map/book/gazetteer which outlines every major milepost from the continental US, across Canada, to AK. It contains a map with all the popular routes and provides information not found anywhere else. The Milepost became our travel bible telling us about the land we were about to “inherit” in our future. It told us very clearly of a world which exists beyond our experience. Mountains to climb, vistas to view, valleys to traverse. All of this very present terra firma beyond our Virginia-bound imaginations. Do you see the comparison yet? How much of life is there to be experienced which you don’t know about simply because you haven’t chosen to chart a new course for yourself?

Present reality, saving money, prepping for the trip. It would be five weeks and 11,000 miles of journey. The unpredictable, the uncharted, the unimaginable would be the horizon we chose. Finding friendly faces, and renewing our friendships from the past was the goal. Amazing things were in store, simply because we chose not to stay within the confines of our comfort. Playing it safe is dangerous.

Fasting Tips:

  1. Read everything you can on fasting with prayer. Some recommended authors are Bill Bright, Ronnie Floyd, Jentzen Franklin, and Derek Prince. Read key portions of scripture on fasting like Exodus 34:28, Joel 2:12, Esther 4:16, Isa. 58, I Cor. 7:5, Acts 13:2, 14:23.
  2. Begin to gather your fasting supplies. We recommend juice fasting. The use of fruits and vegetables in a juicer in addition to an uptake in water consumption will give you the energy you need to keep a normal pace.
  3. Find a journal you can begin to write down what you are noticing. I recommend writing things you find happening with your spirit, soul, and body. What changes do you notice in each? Picture yourself as a scientist tracking your progress and noting the changes.

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