Finish Strong  1/21/2018

Philippians 3:13 …I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me.

I had never walked in a 5k race, but I had something to prove. It had been months since my surgery to remove a cancerous tumor and after 6 chemo sessions, my hair had grown back so I was ready. I wanted to walk this race to give the devil a black eye, to prove that Jesus has totally healed me from cancer.

I had been preparing by walking daily, but I was still weak in body. The day of the race came, and my daughter walked with me. It was great to spend time with her and we chatted the whole way. I made it past the half way mark when I started feeling it and slowed way down. But I keep going. At one point I had to sit, and a medical aide came to check on me. He gave me water and a granola bar. I was tempted to stop and ride back on his four-wheeler but after a few minutes I got up and pressed on.

The closer I got to the finish line, the slower I got. There were only two people left besides my daughter and I and they were right behind us. I kept turning around to see how close they were.  I was determined not to be last. When I saw the finish line, the other two people were right on top of me, so I used all my energy to run, yelling, “No, I will not be last.” As soon as I crossed the finish line, I found the nearest seat and collapsed. I had made it, I had finished strong.

The finish line was being dismantled, they had already handed out the prizes to the winners and most people had gone home but I didn’t care. I had accomplished something and in my heart, I was a winner.

Many times, in our Christian life we struggle to keep going. Everyday problems can leave us weak and tired in our Spirit. What can we do to press on and finish strong what God has given us to do?

First, we can take a moment to strengthen our spirit with the Bread of Life – His Word. We can find those scriptures that speak to our situation and claim them for ourselves. Whatever you are facing, there is an encouraging scripture that will bring you strength.

Next, we can lift our voice in praise and thanksgiving that will refresh our soul like water.

Finally, we can defy the devil’s attempts to discourage us with prayer and most importantly, keep moving forward in Christ.

Remember, Jesus walks alongside you in times of trouble and in times of triumph. He is the Lord of your life, He will never leave you, and He will always make you feel like a winner. With Him you will finish strong.

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