Follow Where The Lord Leads You   1/10/2018

My eyes are ever on the Lord, for only He will release my feet from the snare. – Ps 25:15

 I love to go for hikes.  I have a goal to walk on six of the seven continents of the world (not Antarctica – I hate cold). I have hiked on five continents so far and I always prepare ahead of time. I choose good walking shoes, make sure I have water, a hat, sunglasses, my camera, and I am aware of what wild animals I may face in that country.

While I walk, I make sure I am looking ahead at the trail as well as using my peripheral view watching for danger. I have avoided many snakes using this method. I also have observed amazing beauty that others missed.

In our spiritual walk we must use our spiritual sight. That feeling that this TV show isn’t quite right, that maybe we should turn away from it, that it does not honor God with its content. The feeling that this conversation has turned to gossip and maybe we should walk away. The sales clerk who looks too sick to work and maybe we should pray with her. Our spiritual peripheral vision is that sense of what God is calling us to do at that moment. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense, but we do it anyway and God blesses our obedience.

Once, as I prepared to go on a mission trip, the Lord told me to pack these cheap coffee mugs that we got free in a bag of dog food. I thought it was me and didn’t do it. When we arrived at the missionary’s home where we were staying, they had no coffee mugs so we had no morning coffee. How I regretted my disobedience!

Here are a few tips to develop your spiritual sight in your daily life:

  1. Prepare for the day by reading God’s Word and praying.

  2. Choose a verse to memorize daily or weekly.

  3. Look for opportunities to help others, share with them God’s love.

  4. Listen to that inner voice. Make sure it is in line with God’s Word and obey it.

              ~Denise Ouellette (author)

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