Keep the Pace & Suck it Up     1/15/2018

Philippians 2:14
Do all things without complaining and disputing.

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without complaining and disputing? Okay, let’s take it a step closer to reality . . . how about a day without complaining and disputing?! Not possible? Okay, how about an hour, a minute, a second?

Well, I have wished I, personally, could experience a day without complaining, especially when I come home from work and all I hear around me is complaining and disputing. What makes those days worse is whether or not I was involved in that lamenting and protesting.  When I have been involved, I feel like a kid that came home with mud on her face, a ripped up shirt, and maybe even a bloody lip.

Does anyone really have to ask, “what happened?” Oh, we might not know the exact reason for the disheveled demeanor, but we most certainly know it was not a happy moment and someone needs some attention. I wonder if that is how our heavenly father sees us when we join in the dissension. He knows it hurts us more than we realize when we give in to complaining or disputing about our situation, whether it be about our day, our co-workers, or the fast that we were so ready to join just a little over a week ago.

One day while fasting, I was at work and suddenly my head started hurting and my stomach turning. I found myself thinking, “Oh, I just can’t keep this fasting thing up, it has been long enough! I am in a new job and here I am with a pounding head and an upset stomach. God will understand; I just have to get something to eat right now or I am going to lose my stomach.”
Well, I am not sure how long I went on like that before I remembered this Bible verse, ‘Do everything without complaining or disputing’ . . . funny, I thought that verse was only for my kids when they protest about doing their chores, or homework, or dishes; you get the picture, don’t you?

Right then and there, at my desk, I asked the Lord to forgive me, and to give me the strength to continue the fast, and got myself a drink of juice. As I slowly sipped on my juice, I started to praise Him. I’m not sure when the headache stopped or the nausea stopped, but it did. I found myself humming a praise song as I continued doing my work. When I realized what had just occurred, I looked out the window by my desk and smiled.

Thank you, Father, for helping me do all things, even this fast, without complaining and disputing. So next time you are thinking of grumbling about your situation, remember ‘DO EVERYTHING WITHOUT complaining or disputing’! The next verse, Philippians 2:15, finishes it … “So that we may become blameless and pure children of God.”

~JoAnn Jones, author

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