Keeping the Pace  1/14/2018

I Corinthians 9:24
Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize. I Cor 9:24

The Pace Car

The big race was about to begin. The cars were in their positions, revving their engines, waiting for the flag to drop. Then one small, plain car pulled slowly around them all. The other cars watched him go to the head of the line, no one tried to block him or go around him. You see, it’s the Pace car. Its job is to set the pace for the beginning of the race.

The cars behind him keep the pace until the Pace moves out of the way. Even then they wait until the flag is dropped before they can take off to run their race. However, they immediately slow down or stop if the Pace car comes back on the track due to a hazard or emergency.

The race cars get all the glory but it’s the Pace car that sets, interrupts, and even stops their pace as needed. He has the real authority. If they disrespect or ignore the Pace car, they can be kicked out of the race.

Who is setting your pace? Is it self or Jesus? Who has authority over your life?

How to tell if you are setting your own life pace:

  • Your thoughts are always on your daily needs
  • You worry and fret about things, finances, kids, etc.
  • You skip church because you’re too tired, (or another excuse)
  • You skip Bible reading and prayer
  • Your speech is unbecoming
  • You are afraid, can’t sleep, have no peace

How to tell if Jesus is setting your life pace:

  • You have peace
  • You leave your worries at the feet of Jesus
  • You are trusting Jesus to meet your daily needs
  • You get involved in the church; join or lead a group
  • Your first waking moments each day involve Bible reading and prayer
  • Your speech is filled with praise
  • You sleep unafraid

Ask Jesus to set the pace for your life. Let Him choose your path daily. Let Him be the authority over where you go and where you stop. When you finish the race with Him, you will get the prize and He will get the Glory.

~ Denise Ouellette (author)

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