Lift Your Eyes  1/8/2018

Luke 21:28

“When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”


I go on a daily 5-mile walk with my dog, Tank.  He is my service dog, so he is very alert to his surroundings.  His alertness often astonishes me because he notices things which I would never otherwise be aware.  He is so good, in fact, that he signals to me things that are off in the distance, not yet visible to me.  He “looks” with more than just his eyes, using all his senses to know what lies ahead.  I often find myself wishing my own senses were that sharp.  I wonder what I miss because I am short-sighted, looking only directly at the path immediately in front of me.

I am reminded of a day when I was much younger, barely a teen; I was walking to the ice cream store with a friend.  He kept stopping, letting me walk ahead, and then catching up to me.  I finally asked him why he was doing that.  His response surprised me, “You walk with your head down, looking at your feet.  Why do you do that?”  I had not been consciously aware that I walked that way, so for the next few minutes, I paid attention to my posture and tried keeping my head up, eyes looking in front of me.  It was difficult.  He asked again.  I tried to make excuses, but frankly, they all sounded stupid, because they were.  I even told him it was because I didn’t want to trip over anything, as if I were a big klutz just learning to walk.  I do not know why I walked with my head down – maybe it was due to my extreme shyness, but I do know it was not natural, nor was it effective.  With my head down, I could not see what I was approaching.

Imagine walking through our life journeys with our heads down.  Christ tells us to lift our heads so that we will not miss out on our own salvation.  I do not want to miss out on my redemption.  Nor do I want to miss any of the wonders and opportunities along the way, but if I do not keep my head lifted, I will miss out and never even know it.

Lift your eyes!  This is Christ’s command.  Don’t question it or even think too much about it.  Our feet know to go in the direction in which we point them.  If we are pointing ourselves in the direction of God, we are on a safe route on which we do not need to worry about falling on our faces.  We may encounter some pebbles along the way, but keeping our eyes lifted will always enable us to regain our foothold and continue on the path he has called us to walk.  We must trust that we will reach our destination of redemption because God keeps His promises!

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