“Lift Your Eyes”  1/9/2018

Psalm 121

I lift my eyes to the mountains – where does my help come from?  My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth . . .


Sometimes I wake up in a panic, stressful thoughts of trials and tribulations greeting me before the sun even begins to appear in the sky.  I find myself plagued with worry and questions of “what if?”, or “should I have?”.  We have all been there, allowing stress to flood our brains before our feet ever hit the floor.  When we are filled with anxiety we tend to develop short-sightedness and tunnel vision, looking inward instead of up and out.  Such posturing blinds us.

  Further, when it comes to our problems, we tend to magnify them.  We have all heard the expression “make a mountain out of a molehill”.  Have you ever thought about how ludicrous those words sound?  Mountains are majestic, glorious, and even protective.  But ask any gardener or lawn enthusiast and they will tell you molehills are unsightly and disruptive.  Of the two, mountains are much more desirable than molehills.

  King David provided the solution to worry and stress in Psalm 121, telling us to lift our eyes so that we may see from where we receive help: our help comes from the Lord.  He tells us to lift our eyes to the mountains.  Why?  Because mountains are magnificent.  They personify the power and splendor of God.

  The Lord is our keeper.  God never promised us an easy life, free of setbacks or suffering.  In fact, God allows us to encounter many hardships during our lives, some which we feel we will never conquer.  But remember, He promised us that He is always with us, walking beside us in each moment of our lives, raising us up when we find ourselves dejected, often carrying us over the roughest terrain.  He does this to show us His power, strengthen our faith, and increase our dependence upon Him.

  Why then do we wake to thoughts other than those that are good, joyful, positive, pure?  We need to rest easy and confident in the knowledge that God has our backs.  He is our mountain of protection, our unwavering source of help when we feel helpless.  God created the mountains, the heavens, the earth, and he cares for it all.  So much more does He care for us, whom he created in His own image.  The next time your problems feel insurmountable, lift your eyes to the mountains and know that God is with you.

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