Lift Your Eyes Through a Grateful Heart  1/13/2018

Psalm 107:1
Give thanks to The Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.

For Christmas, I received an ornament that simply states, “Start each day with a grateful heart.”  While the ornament made me smile, I did not give it much thought until I was taking the Christmas decorations down.  I picked up this simple ornament and quickly thought, “I’m good.” I consider myself a grateful, thankful, and appreciative person.

After a few moments looking at the ornament, I began to question myself entirely. Do I start each day with a grateful heart? Or do I start it by checking Facebook, or thinking of the 103 things I need to accomplish for the day, or dwelling on the areas of my life that are not quite where I want them or need them to be? There are still moments of gratefulness and I certainly express gratitude in my prayers throughout the day, but do I START each day with a grateful heart?  In moments like these, I just have to smile and think, “Thank you, Jesus.”  He took a small ornament and totally convicted me.

Each of us has many things for which to be grateful, and we should always start and end each day with grateful hearts. Count your blessings!  We have . . . a God that loves us, life, people that care about us, a wonderful church family, health, family & friends, probably a job . . . the list goes on. Even when we are lacking in one or more of these areas, we can all name at least one thing that for which we are grateful. Start with that one thing and see your list grow each day as you wake with a heart of gratefulness.

As a reminder to myself, I have left this ornament out and have it hanging on my bathroom door in order to remind myself to START each day with a grateful heart. I hope you all will join me and do the same, because God has blessed each one of us in many ways, and His love endures forever.

~ Kristy Milby, author

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