Rule of Kingdom Asking 1/28/2018

Matthew 7:7

“Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.”


Today’s verse states that, when we ask, we will receive. When we receive, sometimes it is exactly what we needed in that moment even if we don’t see the whole picture; it may keep us from asking for the right thing. Therefore, as long as we keep on seeking Him, continuing to knock and persevere, the doors will be opened, and we will receive clarity. Sometimes what we need is right in front of us, but without keeping our eyes on Him, our request doesn’t meet our misguided expectations because we aren’t considering His will.


My first thoughts reminded me of when you begin to teach a child to swim. You give them some floaties and you let them acclimate to just the pure weightlessness of being in the water.  You take your time slowly moving away. At first they seem awkward and goofy in the water because it is different; it isn’t what they are accustomed to on land. But then you teach them some moves like kicking, treading water, holding their breath, and just simply floating on their back. Then you tell that child: “Okay I’ve taught you all the tricks you need to know. I know you can do it, but if you ever get scared I’m right here.”


They nod because they know that you will catch them. The first time they start to swim you stand still and it builds trust. But the second time you slowly move backward so that they can swim further. That child looks back at you and says: “Stop moving; I can’t go that far.”  But you keep encouraging them and eventually they are able to swim around. They can even swim with the big kids, yet you still continue to watch from the shoreline.


Our Heavenly Father is the same exact way. He gives us the Bible as our floaties and cradles us in His presence when we aren’t sure what we are getting ourselves into. At first we seem awkward and goofy dwelling in His presence because it is different than living in the world. But He teaches us tricks such as prayer, worship, and delving into the Word so that we can have the knowledge to complete the task ahead. Then we freak out when He tells us: “Okay, I’ve taught you all the tricks you need to know. I know you can do it, but if you ever get scared, I’m right here.” After a few failed attempts we are able to go a few feet. Then He encourages us to go a little further and dig a little deeper. Sometimes we mess up and say: “Stop moving; I can’t go that far.” Other times, we learn to open our eyes underwater and get to discover a whole other side of the story.


The doors have been opened because we continued to seek, pray, and ask for His guidance.

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