We Were Created to do Good Works

Eph 2:10

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

He was a master craftsman making an intricate tapestry that would hang in a King’s castle. Skillfully he wove in the blue threads to make the sky and water, the green threads to make the trees and grass, and many other colors in and out, woven in tight to display an almost complete picture.

As he peered at it, he knew something was missing. Some small piece that would complete the picture. It was small but important. He looked around on the table, the floor, the chair, and finally, near the door, he found the plain, brown thread that was missing.

“Where do you think you are going?” asked the Master. “Do you think because you are small, you are not important? Don’t you realize that you are needed to finish this tapestry? I have designed you from the beginning to fit in perfectly, to complete this work.” The Master then wove the brown thread into place. Suddenly the whole piece had clarity. The brown thread provided depth to the picture. It distinguished the water from the sky, the trees from the grass, and the picture was complete.

Do you ever feel like a small brown thread? Not important. Your life is going nowhere. What has God called you to do anyway? You have got to understand that God not only knows where you fit in His tapestry of life but that, without you, some portion of this world will never make sense.

This is how the tapestry works in real life:

A desperate young man is thrown off the boat by an angry Captain. He swims to shore and finds himself in the country of Honduras where he can’t speak the language and has no money or passport. A woman walks by handing out Bibles and he takes one and begins to sob. He’s remembering all the times his mother prayed for him. The woman and her companions stop and listen to his story. They feed him and drive him to the consulate of his country, so he can get a passport and get home. Before they leave him, he gives his life to Jesus. The tapestry is now complete.

You never know when God will use you or weave you into someone else’s tapestry. I was a little brown thread. Unimportant in a country where I couldn’t speak the language. But God had prepared me for a good work and I handed some guy a Bible. God used that to change his heart, his life, his tapestry.

God will use you too!

Denise Ouellette

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