Be Bold – 3/06/2018

Acts 4:29

Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness.

 I’m not a bold person; I am more of an extreme introvert.  Anyone who has known me my whole life can tell you I was painfully shy as a child.  I remember hiding behind my mother when we were out in public. I was so shy a swim coach I had for five years who I saw at least five days a week thought I was a mute.  He was shocked the first time he ever heard me utter a word. I imagine I would have been, too, if I knew someone that long and saw them that often, yet never heard them speak!

 Christ commissioned us to be bold.  He needs us to declare passionately our faith.  We cannot make disciples of all nations through passivity and a spiritless existence.  We aren’t called just to have faith. What is the point of having something bright and beautiful if we are merely going to keep it to ourselves? In The Great Commission, Jesus commanded us to live our faith and teach our faith. That means we need to pick up our faith, dust it off, and show it to the world through our words, our actions, and our thoughts.

 This calling to be bold in my faith gives me pause for thought.  I know I am not the most outgoing person, I will stay home for days on end if I can find a way.  But, if I am not venturing out often, when am I bold in my faith? Am I bold at all? Who was the last person with whom I had a conversation about Jesus? Were they already a believer?  Am I only lukewarm in owning, displaying, living my faith?

 Maybe it’s time to step outside my comfort zone and respond to Christ’s instructions eagerly and courageously.  No more hiding behind anything. I can only reach out if nothing is blocking my way. No more silence. I can only teach if I use my voice.  I can only invite if I interact. No more complacency where there should be passion, no more lukewarm where a fire should be blazing.

 Ask yourself how bold you are in your faith.  Do people know you are Christian by your words and actions or do you merely have faith, doing nothing with it?  When was the last time you spoke of Jesus to an unbeliever or invited someone to be part of your Christian family?

 It is time to act.  Let us passionately accept Christ’s invitation to The Great Commission.  Let us boldly declare our faith!

 ~Heather Kvaternik

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