This HUGE Light of Mine!  – 3/8/2018


 2 Corinthians 4:3 –  If the Good News we preach is hidden behind a veil, it is hidden only from people who are perishing.

 Do you remember that song, “This Little Light of Mine”? Did you know that this verse and that song have the same message?

The light the song refers to is the Spirit of God which shines through every believer. This light was lit in us when we accepted Christ and became a believer. God wants this light to shine through everything we do, everywhere we go, and in every circumstance we face.

Let’s break down the song lyrics now, shall we?

“This little light of mine – I’m gonna let it shine.”

He has given us a command in scripture that all believers are to shine our light always. Sometimes the hardest person to overcome to make sure that our light is shining bright is ourselves. When you became a believer, something changed in you. Maybe you didn’t feel any different, but at that moment the angels burst into song because you, a son or daughter of God, accepted salvation.

Your salvation is no minor event. The entire course of your eternity was changed at that moment! No longer were you going to suffer eternally in hell, rather you were saved, and your sins atoned. In you, the Holy Spirit took up residence. You began to think differently, act differently, and maybe even sound differently. Don’t be afraid of this; its the Holy Spirit working in you and on you just as it has been doing since the beginning of time. The enemy wants us to believe that our salvation is small and insignificant.  It’s not. It is brilliant! So shine your light!

 “I’m going to carry my light all over the world – I’m gonna let it shine.”

 In addition to our salvation, He has commanded us to reach the world. The light of the Holy Spirit inside you is not an electric lamp; it is a burning fire! One thing I learned about fire as a young boy is fire spreads to whatever it touches (maybe I’ll tell that story later). The light of the Spirit in your life is not for you. This light exists so that others can see what God has done in your life. When you get close to them, your light begins to spread. The hope is, eventually, with the Holy Spirit’s help, the light you have will also become the light that they have.

 “Ain’t nobody going to “woosh” it out – I’m gonna let it shine.”

 Whenever a child sings this song, I love how they treat their light like it is a candle. Even the song suggests that it is a little light. The real power of the light is that if you feed it, then it will grow brighter! Study the Word and the light gets brighter. Read Tribe Writers devotions daily; the light gets brighter. Pursue the baptism in the Holy Spirit and it’s like adding gasoline to a bonfire! The stronger you build your faith, no matter how hard someone tries, “ain’t nobody going to “woosh” it out!”

 If you find yourself with a dim light, or one that is easily wooshed out, please do not hesitate to reach out to someone, pick up your Bible daily, seek the Holy Spirit. We were created to have this light in us, and we are made to share it with others.

 Don’t hide your light. Shine it for all to see so that they can see God in us. The world needs more of this light!

 ~Scott Beiermann

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