Pray with Someone  – 3/12/2018


Deuteronomy 10:19

And you are to love those who are foreigners, for you yourselves were foreigners in Egypt.

We are one week away from The Living Passover and this verse reminds me that we need to love others even if they are not with God…especially if they are not with God. It reminds us that we were once far away from God; however, someone loved us, prayed for us, and spoke into our lives.

My grandparents pastored their own church and would pick me up for every church service.  My parents did not attend church or serve the Lord during my formative years. My grandparents loved me in the familial sense because I was their granddaughter, but also in the spiritual sense in that they fed into my life.  In addition to my grandparents, I had a host of other family members and church members that also fed into my life spiritually. God put these people in my life to pray for me, guide me, and most importantly, love me. I am so thankful for each and every one of them.

Just as we all had someone that brought us to the Lord, that loved us when we were not living our lives in the freedom of Jesus, we are called to do the same for others. We are called to love people that do not know the love of God, to pray for those that are lost, and to guide them into the arms of the Father who loves them more than they will ever begin to understand or imagine.

How do we guide others into the arms of the Father? First, we can pray. Pray for everyone you know that needs the love of God. Pray for God to give you opportunities to show each one love. Pray for open hearts, open minds, and open doors. Second, we can love them. Sometimes reaching someone for Jesus means we just need to show them acts of love.  I know I have experienced times when I didn’t need someone to preach at me, but instead just to show me love. Maybe it involves bringing a neighbor a meal, helping someone clean their yard, or offering to give someone a ride to church. Finally, we need to have faith that we did our part and planted a seed. Be encouraged that you are doing God’s work.

Last week I went to “A Night of Worship” at Liberty Baptist Church in Hampton, Virginia. Various people gave their testimony during the worship service. Each one illustrated how someone played a key role in their salvation. One of the individuals who spoke had been recently diagnosed with cancer for the second time. As a result, he had endured over 15 surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy. He did not speak about the hardships of cancer. Instead he spoke about all of the nurses, doctors, medical staff, and patients with whom he had the opportunity to share the love of God. His overall point was, even during times of trial, you can show love to others and show how much God loves you.

Be sure to invite the people you love to The Living Passover! Prayerfully guide others into the arms of the loving Father.

-Kristie Milby

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