Holy Love      3/21/2018

Romans 5 8

Romans 5:8  “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

All the writings in the Bible lead to the Cross. From the fall of man in Genesis to the final Amen of Revelation, the Bible is all about God establishing, maintaining, fighting, and dying for a relationship with us. With all of this effort, most of us would believe that we must be pretty important to God. We are, but not in the way that you may think.

God is Holy; this means that He is entirely different from us, not in the sense that I am different from you because of gender, age, or hair color. He is so utterly different and more magnificent that we cannot comprehend Him.

Let me use this illustration:  New Testament writings describe the church as a body. It takes all of us (not just LightHouse, but the global church) to make up this church body. God is a whole body by Himself.

He is a completely separate body, as well. He does not need us for his existence. It is difficult for us to imagine that God existed outside of time and this world and before we ever existed.

Many of us love others because of what they do for us, or because we need them to support us. We love them from a selfish place. What about people who hate us, tear us down, or actively work against our goals? Do we love them?

God does not need us and, frankly, probably should not want us: people have not been that great to God in the past. Historically speaking, no one has been perfect to God. Most of us would probably say that He would be better off without us, but God is different than we are (remember Holy?).

God loved us so much, even when we were (or are) sinners, that He sent His son to sacrifice himself for us. I wouldn’t send my son in to sacrifice himself for people I like, much less those who are actively against me or want to see me fail. God did, though!

Isn’t God’s love amazing?

~Scott Beiermann


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