The Living Passover 3/28/2018

blood of the lamb

I have been involved with Lighthouse for 34 years. I worked or sang in every production all those years but, until this week, I never just sat down and watched a production from beginning to end like a ticket holder. Watching from the audience provided a whole new experience for me.

The most recent production at our church, The Living Passover, is a magnificent presentation expressing the truth of Easter in amazing sights and sounds. The scenery and set construction are awesome to behold. The grand music moves your heart. The script, the actors, the soloists, the choir, the lights …it all works together to give you a clear vision of the wonderful act of redemption Jesus achieved at the cross.

You might think the show reaches its climax when Jesus is nailed to the cross, or when He rises from the tomb. But the real climax, the one that brings you to your knees and evokes tears, is when you hear the powerful soloist sing

…oh, the blood of the Lamb

Suddenly you understand: the Lamb — the beautiful, spotless lamb — had bled out for mankind.

…the precious blood of the Lamb

The soloist in her blood red costume, the choir, and the empty cross all bathed in blood red light, all of it emphasizing

…what a sacrifice, that saved my life

Then the Roman soldiers in their crimson uniforms march in a slow funeral procession, gently lift the cross, and carry it on their shoulders down the middle aisle. The lead soldier carries in front of him for all to see a blood red rag that had lain at the foot of the cross and the bloody crown of thorns Jesus had worn.

…yes, the blood it is my victory.

This, the victory, is the message of The Living Passover. Maybe you know someone that needs that victory. Maybe you need that victory. Take the time this weekend to come to The Living Passover. Bring a friend. Final performances are on Friday and Saturday, March 30th – 31st.  You don’t want to miss this event!

Tickets are available online at or call the church office at 804-642-2752.

~ Dee Ouellette


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