Take Time to Rest     4/6/2018


Isaiah 58:13

Do not work on the Sabbath day.  Do not do just anything you want to on my holy day. Make the Sabbath a day you can enjoy.  Honor my holy day. Do not work on it. Do not do just anything you want to. Do not talk about things that are worthless.  

As I read this verse, I am transported back in time to when my daughter was younger and attending church was sometimes a trying feat. Getting everyone up, ready, fed, and to church on time often left me feeling like I had run a race to get there, and quite frankly, it was not an enjoyable experience every Sunday. While I could attribute some of that feeling to the race to get to church, a lot of it was a heart issue. I believed in God; I tried to live my life right. But I did not have a close relationship with Him and attending church was much more of an obligation than an honor.

Flash forward to the present and I can honestly say Sunday is my favorite day of the week. I am excited to get to church and worship God, hear His word, and see my church family! Church fills my spirit and comforts my soul from the trials of the week.  It is a joy to be in His House, with His people, and singing His praises. I look forward to it. I long for it. I enjoy every moment.

So what does this verse mean for all of us?

We should attend church services, because God does not intend for us to stay home and rest the entire day. He intends for us to fellowship together.  He wants us to worship together and hear His word.

If we can, we are to keep the Sabbath by not working. It is a day when we should pause from our normal activities and rest. God blesses us abundantly and we need rest.

We also keep the Sabbath by enjoying a spiritually fulfilling day. God wants us to be spiritually focused and refreshed. He wants us to dedicate a day to strengthen our relationship with Him.

I know everyone’s Sunday mornings look different. Life can certainly keep us busy. You may be tempted to sleep in on Sundays, or have a family day, or catch up on work, but know that God wants to spend time with His children. He wants us to have a day of rest, spiritual refreshing, and renew our focus on Him.

Make Sunday your favorite day like I do, and spend time with the Father.

-Kristie Milby


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