The Gift of Wisdom and Understanding 5/1/2018


Isaiah 11:2

The Spirit of the Lord will rest on Him –the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding…

When I was a child, if I questioned something, a common response among adults was, “wait until you are an adult, then you will understand.” I honestly pictured a future birthday when I would officially become an adult; I imagined someone waving a wand over me and voila! At that moment, I would instantly gain clarity over all the imponderables swimming around in my head. Of course, I am well into adulthood, and that still hasn’t happened.

While I realize Isaiah 11:2 describes the future Messiah, I find myself reflecting on these words as they apply to me, a mere follower of the Messiah that has already come, saved me, and gone to His rightful spot on the throne. When I received Christ into my life, The Holy Spirit came to dwell inside of me and gave me specific gifts. 1 Corinthians 12:7-8 names among these gifts both wisdom and knowledge. So then, what is the significance of these terms? To me, these terms mean when I was saved I received a mind like Christ’s so I could best perform the more active gift he gave me, whether it be healing, teaching, miracles or another gift.

Wisdom is a powerful word; its opposite is foolishness. No one wants to be considered foolish. In Hebrews 8:10, we learn that God engraves His word on our hearts. Wisdom is the ability to comprehend that word. Think about that!

The first thought the word ‘wisdom’ invokes for me is fear. Not a scary, run from it and hide kind of fear, rather one that instills reverence, awe, and wonder in me. A fear that makes me want to both shelter and protect my gift of understanding and knowledge, but also to share it with those who need what I have.

Sharing such a sacred gift demands responsibility; I must always be alert to handle the gift of wisdom with care and respect. I must cherish this gift and yet I must openly share  it. I am mandated as a Christian to share the good news that I know! I cannot hide this gift away on a shelf to collect dust. Doing that would be neglecting, even dismissing, the greatest gift I received from the Holy Spirit.

Wisdom provides an appetite for spiritual nourishment. Just as our physical bodies weaken without physical nourishment, our spiritual selves need nourishment to remain strong. A small taste is never enough; we must feed our spirits with word and deed.

How do you feel about the gift of wisdom you received as a Christian? Are you lukewarm about it? Or, are you passionate enough to shout what you know from the mountaintops, inviting others to share in your understanding, acceptance, and love for God?

Remember, unshared wisdom withers. Nourish your spirit. Claim your gift of wisdom from the Holy Spirit, and share the Good News God wrote on your heart!

~heather k.

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