Obedience 5/24/2018


Ezekiel 36: 27

I will put my Spirit inside you and change you so that you will obey my laws. You will carefully obey my commands.

The Holy Spirit is a person, He longs to meet with you. Acts 1:8 teaches us that the power of the Holy Spirit is for the purpose of bearing witness. The Holy Spirit speaks not to be heard but to be obeyed. What we hear, we are instructed to carefully obey. 1 Thessalonians 5:19 instructs us not to quench or stifle the Holy Spirit.

Make no mistake, God is still Sovereign with the last word and final authority. He chooses to give us free will, the Holy Spirit is a gentleman. He won’t force His will or coerce obedience. We get to choose obedience; as we are transformed by the word, our mind is renewed, and we are able to test and approve God’s good, pleasing and perfect will. Grateful obedience results from spending time reading His Word and in His Presence through prayer, fasting, devotions, and worship.

What we do not fan into flame, we ultimately quench. When we choose to let a word slip, (and we’ve all been there) we miss the blessing for that moment. We rationalize the thought from God and overthink it until we wonder if that was really Him. Or maybe we are afraid to say what He has given us to say for fear of rejection. But God (my two favorite words) in His grace will give us a new opportunity as we learn to obey and find richness in the peace, righteousness and joy of the Holy Spirit.

Do you know you can even ask Him to help you recognize His voice more clearly? I know, like me, you don’t want to miss a thing He has for us!

Ask yourself, think deeply, then respond to the Word:

Hear- What have I asked from the Holy Spirit to speak to me about?

Obey- What is the last thing I felt as though I should do?

Obey first, then seek the fresh word. There is fresh Bread for today.

~ Becky Richmond

(You might also be interested in reading this article from John Piper: https://www.desiringgod.org/interviews/am-i-quenching-the-holy-spirit)

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