Summer in the Secret Place 7/3/2018


A mesmerizing waterfall plunging to a serene pool of water which leads to a bubbling stream, cool mist hanging in the air, catching the sun’s ray to create mini prisms of rainbow color, graceful butterflies fluttering around…lush foliage, Jesus and me…

That is the image my mind conjured up when I first heard the phrase, “Summer in the secret place,” presented as the summer sermon series at LightHouse. Hanging out with Jesus, surrounded by God’s magnificent, undisturbed beauty. No stress, no worries. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Too bad it isn’t an easily accessible scenario; nor is it necessary to find such a place to converse with our Lord and our heavenly father.

I did create a secret place for myself that I can visit anytime I want; my gardens provide the perfect secret place for me to draw closer to God. I go there daily, sometimes several times a day. Whenever I find myself feeling exposed, vulnerable, stressed, or simply need an extra dose of God’s grace, I head to my gardens. There, I can block out the world and rest in Him.

Does the fact that my secret place is outside keep me from retreating to the comfort and love of God when the weather is terrible? No! Does the fact that you may not have a garden mean you can’t create a secret place in your life? No! I know people who have prayer closets and designated ‘war’ rooms where they do battle through prayer. I even know a mother of five who retreats to her bathtub twice daily for twenty minutes of personal time with God.

The best part is, once you deepen your relationship with God by spending time in your secret place, your secret place can become portable. Any time you desire, which is hopefully always, you can transport your mind and spirit to your secret place, no matter where you are physically. At this point, your secret place exists inside of you, always available.

Find or create your secret place. Get comfortable there. Talk to your Lord there. Deepen your relationship with our Savior there.

I thank God for being a God of comfort, strength, patience, and love, who is always accessible and always faithful.

~Heather Kvaternik

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